‘Reality’ Becomes a Reality

Brides.com has an overview of wedding gown designer Austin Scarlett’s latest collection for 2013… and I was struck by how familiar this gown looked.

In fact, I knew precisely where I had seen it before.

That’s right, it’s a very slightly reworked version of the wedding gown Austin used as the big finale of his collection for Project Runway All Stars season 1!

Clever lad! I always said he was one of the most resourceful and imaginative designers ever to grace the Project Runway stage. He may have ended up the bridesmaid twice now, but his career was the first one of all the designers ever to appear on that show not to be captioned with the fact he was a reality show contestant.

And yes, when I saw this gown I said straight off the bat that he could sell the look like pancakes. Here’s hoping he does!

One Response to “‘Reality’ Becomes a Reality”

  1. This is an amazing design. Love it! If that’s a signature look, that’s a great one.