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Friday, December 16th, 2011

See this cute cake topper? The creator found a similar topper for sale for $80.00 and decided that was more than she wanted to spend for her daughter’s cake topper.

And so she figured out how to do it herself for something in the neighborhood of $10.00.

I don’t know about you, but I think saving $70.00 while coming up with a completely personalized item is well worth the time and energy spent on it!

There really are times when saving money can be fun.

Birds of a Feather

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

I have to admit that most of the time I’m not that interested in cake toppers. It’s not that I object… just I don’t usually get the fuss or the interest. For me the cake is more interesting than the decoration in general and the topper in particular. What? I’m all about what’s on the inside, you know.

Still, every twice in a while I do see a cake topper that sets me all a-twitter with delight. The one above does just that. I mean how adorable is it to see a love bird wearing a bird cage veil? Love!

These birdies and many more of a similar ilk, as well as some delightful penguins, charmingly funky owls, and yes, even some quite pretty people, can be found at the store of etsy artist Red Light Studio. They start at roughly $100 and go up from there, and are custom designed for the couple in question.

If you’re looking for a fun way to top your cake, why not take flight and check out their gallery?

A Cheap and Easy to Find Cake Topper for the Casual-ish Wedding

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Did you know that I made my mom’s wedding cake? Well I did. And though it most definitely looked like a homemade wedding cake I was pretty proud of it. When it came time to choose a wedding cake topper, I was stumped. My mom and her then girlfriend now wife are extremely classy people so popping two plastic brides on their cake and calling it a day was not going to cut the mustard. Oh, did I mention that I was also their wedding planner? Eventually, since theirs was going to be a semi-formal backyard affair with lots of fun little rustic touches, I settled on custom spoon garden markers from Monkeys Always Look.

(I am still waiting for copies of my mom's wedding photos, hint hint!)

Turned out, they were just right for a backyard semi-formal faux rustic wedding that was only attended by 10 people and involved a dinner reception at a restaurant in Salem, MA in October. With cake first, of course. And the brides loved them – I’d been almost hoping to score one as a keepsake for me, but there were two spoons and two brides so what can you do, right?

Also from Monkeys Always Look!

And another, from Etsy seller jessicaNdesigns

There is definitely no shortage of people stamping spoons out there, and since the spoons are usually thrifted or vintage or found silverware, you’re going to spend a lot less on a wedding cake topper made of spoons than you will on most other cake toppers. Are you having a semi-formal faux rustic backyard wedding? Would spoons work for you, do you think?

LOVE/HATE: The Drunken Duo Edition

Friday, April 8th, 2011

(FYI: Today is the last day to enter the Wedding Planning Book 4-Pack Giveaway! It’s easy to enter, and the prizes make for some good reading!)

Classy, zow...

In my opinion, if you’re a grownup person, there’s nothing wrong with drinking or even getting a little (or a lot) drunk. Whether or not to drink and to drink to excess is the choice every adult has to make on their own. As long as it’s done responsibly and you don’t upchuck on my stuff, more power to you. And drinking at weddings is all right, too. But if getting falling down drunk is such a big part of your life that you feel the need to incorporate it into your wedding theme? That’s a little… less than classy, shall we say. It’s like one step above a cake topper featuring the groom holding the bride’s hair while she worships the porcelain deity. Since I prefer classy weddings to weddings on the opposite end of the spectrum, I’m going with HATE on this one. How about you? What would you first impression be if you encountered this wedding cake topper in the wild?

Via Cake Toppers to Top It All

LOVE/HATE: The Sweets for the Sweet Edition

Friday, April 1st, 2011

I was totally going to try to prank you – tell you I was getting married again, well, me and The Beard really, because we’re polygamists and we want to be true to ourselves and the world. But then I thought, nah, you’d never believe me because if I was getting married again I’d be showing you 800000 photos of all the things I’d want to include in my polygamist wedding. So instead of a prank, I give you this:


What do you think? Cute or meh?

The Distant Future, the Year 2000!

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Oh em gee, these robot cake toppers are too dang ADORABLE. Perfect for… the robot lover? The engineering types? The sci-fi enthusiast? The Beard? Find them at Button Eyed Teddy Bear for $50, and have ’em customized to match your wedding colors!

Who Says We’re Too Old for Toys?

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

I <3 Playmobil, so I was totally jazzed when I found out they have a six wedding sets: a fancy church for the wedding, a bridal couple with a wedding cake, a wedding photographer with flower girl and ring bearer, wedding getaway car, wedding guests with a party tent, a wedding carriage with dapple greys, a wedding pavilion, and a piano player with a grand piano.

When I saw the sets, I knew immediately what I’d be getting my daughter for some upcoming birthday. For now, though, I’ll simply suggest that Playmobil lovers like myself who happen to be getting married consider using Playmobil figurines for their wedding cake toppers. Sure, you could go with the standard bride and groom, or you could be like the couple who customized their Playmobil wedding cake topper with beautiful results!

And for those not getting married at this time but who still love Playmobil, you have got to check out what some people are doing with the Playmobil wedding sets and cameras. The best pool of pics is at a review on Millionaire Playboy – for realz – but there are plenty of other fun photos featuring the Playmobil bride and groom out there that may just inspire you to create your own mini wedding photo shoot. Here are some highlights: