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Well, That’s One Way to Tag a Dress

Friday, January 6th, 2012

(Image via WRAL)

As many of you have no doubt heard on the wedding grapevine, Priscilla of Boston has sold out to David’s Bridal and their boutiques are closing their doors all over the country.

In the Cameron Village store in Minnesota, however, it seems they’ve done more than simply close doors. There are rumors of workers spray painting leftover gowns and consigning them to dumpsters.

Other merchants in Cameron Village claim they haven’t seen any spray painting and dumping, but there are photos like the one above that give credence to the story, and at least one former employee claims to have seen this in action.

David’s Bridal has neither confirmed nor denied the story. They have, however, made a statement that Priscilla of Boston never did donate wedding gown samples in poor condition… which begs the question of what condition these gowns were in that spraying huge orange swirls on them and putting them in a dumpster is a better use for them than donating them to charity, offering them to consignment stores, or selling them off at bargain basement prices as is.

Ultimately, this is their merchandise. They can do as they please with it so long as the use is not illegal in itself. Painting and dumping the gowns is not a crime.

I do, however, consider it a real shame. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather work with a company that doesn’t waste apparently perfectly good wedding gowns simply because they’re out of season or have a tiny flaw somewhere in them. I’d rather work with a company that wouldn’t condone this sort of flagrant waste of goods.

Whatever the facts in this case, I hope that brides take the time to consider the companies they deal with and whether the policies those companies follow fit with their own morals and standards.

Sometimes it’s not enough that something isn’t illegal.

The More Things Change

Monday, January 5th, 2009

…the more they stay the same, at least where wedding vendors and brides and wedding gowns are concerned. Check out these vintage bridal ads:

Vintage bridal ads

Odd posture? Check. At least she’s doing something, though. I get the feeling that the photographer snapped the model between shots while she was making a necessary wardrobe adjustment on her Priscilla of Boston gown. Or maybe bridal models all had scoliosis back then, too.

Vintage bridal ads

Less than friendly facial expressions on bridesmaids? Check, on the left one at least. Oddly huge bows decorating the posterior region of bridesmaids? Check. Random props — in this case palm fronds — poised to devour the models? Check and check!

But lose the butt bow, and I will gladly shell out “about $40 each” for either of these dresses. Now what I need is the vintage waist to go with them, and I’ll be all set.

Gowns, gowns, gowns!

Monday, July 31st, 2006

There is a crazy undertone to the world of bridal fashion. For example, I really like this lace and silk dupioni gown from Justin Alexander Couture even though it looks like a blancmange:

Bride or blancmange?

And what is up with the weird hats and veils? I can’t say I like this Platinum for Priscilla of Boston number–the silk and organza diamond leaf skirt looks like the bottom half of a parade float–but check out that hat. Yow!

She\'s ready for the Rose Bowl parade.

This model, resplendent in a beaded, embroidered princess silk satin trumpet gown from Lazaro, is doing her part to ease the pre-wedding jitters of brides all over the world by showing them the her foolproof pit check technique:

Raise your hand if you\'re sure!

Raise your hand if you’re sure, honey!