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Trends From NYC Bridal Market 2012

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

(Image via Love to Know Weddings where you can get some good tips on making your own gown)
So my little chickadees. For the past few days, NYC has been abuzz with the bridal collections shown for 2013 at Bridal Market 2012.

And the nice thing about seeing all those collections over the course of three days is that trends get easy to spot. Here are a few that are making the news in bridal this week.

LOVE/HATE: Face the Music and Dance

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

One look at this gown from the Reem-Acra Spring 2013 collection and I’m having a total Ginger Rogers moment.

From the beaded illusion on the bodice to the sumptuous cascade of tulle at the hemline, I’m utterly in LOVE with this one. The silhouette would work on quite a few body types, and – while it’s fitting for a spectacular setting – this is one dress a bride can wrangle in the facilities by herself. Yes, I think about these things. It’s my job to think about them. You’re welcome.

And then if Fred Astaire happens to show up unexpectedly at your reception, you’ve got the perfect thing to wear while you do what he does backwards and in heels.

So what about you? Do you LOVE it or HATE it?

Better bridal foundations

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

I love Spanx. And as a fairly recent Spanx convert, when a reader asked me to recommend some “serious, comfortable, sweat absorbing panties” she could wear under a two-ton, multi-layer, hot as heck wedding gown, I immediately said, “Spanx.” Sure, lace and frills are great on your wedding night, but do you really want to layer a fairly complex get-up like the Honeymoon Collection ‘Something Blue’ corset set

It\'s already got plenty of laces, tabs, and snaps to last a lifetime

Under something like this weighty Reem Acra gown in satin?

Complex enough, dontcha think?

Not that you could, of course. I’m just using it as an extreme example. Considering that many wedding gowns feature a mind-boggling assortment of ties, ribbons, beads, bustles, and so forth, why make wedding day dressing more daunting by adding in another later of complexity? Not to mention that putting a multi-layer undergarment underneath a multi-layer gown is a recipe for peak-level perspiration.

Spanx to the rescue!

Spanx Power Panties with Tummy Control 004

The Hide & Sleek Lace Trim panty even has a pretty bit of Italian lace that camouflages its heavy-duty, moisture-wicking, tummy-shaping intentions.

Then again, if you’re all for function over form, I’d advise future brides to consider underwear made specifically for runners. Panties like the Lavinia Activewear seamless brief are going to keep you sweat free and line free while staying where they are meant to, IYKWIM.

Oh, and the reader above is one of the smartest brides-to-be on earth, IMO. Sensible yet sexy, she plans to covertly change out of her utility undies and into something more eye-catching for the, ahem, wedding afterparty.

For the gladiatrix on the go

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005


Even if I would look like the white whale if I wore one, I love this year’s Reem Acra gowns. I don’t so much love the 2004 or 2003 collections. In 2003, the lace and organza bridal bikini was hidden among the almost more realistic gowns. And, in 2004, Ms. Acra introduced the dresses for the helmeted gladiatrix on the go who wants to read her vows and then get back to slaying lions, tigers and, naturally, big, sweaty men as quickly as possible.

Lovin’ Reem

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

I’m totally in love with this year’s Reem Acra bridal collection, which includes this absolutely gorgeous strapless satin full-skirted gown with embroidered bow detailing on a multi seamed bodice. While some of the gowns contain slightly risqué elements – can you say plunging neckline? – they are, for the most part, extremely tasteful and highly detailed without resorting to tackiness.

The model, however, I could do without. She looks as if she just got off of a month-long bridal magazine binge and is about to announce to her bridal party that anyone who can’t follow her directions will be shot on sight.

Reem Acra

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

Reem Acra Show

Manolo says, there is the picture from Reem Acra bridal show in the New York on the day before yesterday.