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How To Get To the Church (or Wherever) On Time

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Over the years we haven’t really talked a lot about transportation here on Manolo for the Brides. Mostly we’ve considered it a question to be determined between you and the deity of your choice.

And I believe that in most cases the majority of brides assume they’ll hire a limo to get them around on the big day. That’s hardly universal, of course. There are women who would consider their wedding day incomplete without arriving in a horse-drawn carriage. Others can’t imagine spending the money on just getting from point A to point B and take their own or a family member’s car. Yeah, that would be me. I wasn’t making a grand entrance. I helped set up the site in my wedding gown. Arriving in my father’s trusty Nissan was plenty good enough for me. Mr. Twistie and I left in his classic Mustang that he drove every day back then. It was a nice car, but nothing specially worked out for the day.

But there are practicalities to be considered that may make the family car a bad idea. You may have dreams of making a spectacular entrance that won’t be satisfied by a mere limousine.

And of course we’re never against fabulous around here… so long as taste, budget, and legal issues have been considered properly.

A Horse(less Buggy) of a Different Color

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Being drawn to and from one’s wedding ceremony site isn’t a tradition grounded in religion or history, but I’d venture to call it an established tradition nonetheless (even if the romantic nature of the carriage ride is simply part of the idealized princess aesthetic that some brides like). The iconic horse drawn carriage, however, is one form of wedding transportation that the folks at PETA would like to see phased out, particularly in New York City.

peta carriage horses

Two members of the group felt so strongly about what they see as the plight of carriage horses that they staged a wedding and a protest at the same time. In full view of the line of carriages that wait for passengers in Central Park, they said their wedding vows, sliced their wedding cake, and drove off in an electric buggy festooned with a sign reading “JUST HITCHED and not to a Carriage!”

If [Paul Kercheval and Kelly Respess] have their way, a fleet of electric cars resembling vintage automobiles will replace the carriages – retaining, the couple says, Central Park’s old-world flavor while relieving the horses of their burden and being kind to the environment.

“We chose to get hitched. Those horses don’t have that choice,’” said Respess, who wore a fluffy, snow-white gown and carried a bouquet of red roses and white lilies.

Huh. Weddings paired with protests irk me more than a little, if only because you’ll have the rest of your lives to protest, but only one day to enjoy celebrating your newly created union with family and friends. Charitable wedding favors that contribute to an animal welfare organization are one thing; it seems a bit gauche to involve loved ones attending your wedding in a protest that they might not necessarily support or involve themselves in otherwise. One hopes that Kercheval and Respess at least warned their wedding guests that their PETA-endorsed ceremony would be held on a street corner.

That said, I have no doubt that some carriage drivers mistreat their horses, but I lived with two Central Park carriage drivers when I called New York home. They treated their horses like gold, even going so far as to buy a building in Manhattan and renovating it to create a state-of-the-art city stable. Besides the fact that their horses were an investment and their source of livelihood, they loved their animals like pets. They also trained their horses to feel comfortable with city life, e.g., honking cars, loud music, and pedestrians. The NY SPCA monitors the condition in which horses are kept by carriage drivers, and if there are signs of abuse, tighter regulations might be a better answer than banning the carriages altogether.

That’s my opinion… what do you think?

Getting There Can Be Half the Fun

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Stretch Hummer party limo with full bar and disco mode? Yawn. Rolls Royce Silver Dawn? It’s been done. Bright yellow Lamborghini? All right, that’s a little more interesting, but let me present you with a few alternative wedding day transportation ideas.


Brides and grooms who are lucky enough to be holding their wedding ceremony and wedding reception in locales where there’s an abundance of land or water should think about ditching the road-based transportation in favor of something more unusual.

Rock the Boat, Baby
If your ceremony and reception venues are on the water, you can pull up to the nearest dock in a rented boat. Search for “boat rental” and your zip code, or find the nearest marina at Take this idea off the table if either the bride or groom is prone to seasickness or if the weather in your chosen locale is unpredictable. There’s nothing worse than being on the water in your wedding gown during a freak hurricane!

Get High (Tee Hee)
Want a great view of your wedding venue? You can charter a helicopter at—wedding party transfers are one of the services they offer. Just make sure you stay in the chopper until the blades have stopped spinning so you don’t destroy your bridal hairstyle.

The quieter option is seriously old school. Getting from place to place in a hot balloon isn’t practical, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an open air interlude between your ceremony and your reception. Find a willing balloonist at or

Photo via Visio Photography
Excerpted partially from iDo

When Two Cars Love Each Other Very Much…

Monday, June 8th, 2009

wedding car decoration

…they get married! What did you think I was going to say?

The question is should this be considered a step down from pet weddings or perhaps a step up?

LOVE/HATE: The Auto Abuse Tradition Edition

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

What do you get when a bunch of boisterous boys pop out of your wedding reception with car markers, silly string, and sticky notes? You get this:

wedding getaway car

According to the blurb written by the anonymous bride or groom, most of the sticky notes survived the drive home and it took more than an hour to remove them all from the getaway car.

Is this funny or cause to be furious? I suppose it depends on how easily sticky note adhesive washes off of a car’s exterior. The Beard and I did not get to experience the “pleasure” of driving back to our hotel post-wedding in a humiliatingly decorated vehicle because the vehicle we were using was my dad’s and he would have given anyone who dared to sticky it up the serious beat down.

Now I’m all for being the center of attention… I love standing in the spotlight, in fact! But the tradition of decorating the wedding day transportation the bride and groom will use to get home, to a hotel, or to the airport has always struck me as a little bit less than thoughtful. If it’s a hired car, the newlyweds may have to pay a cleaning fee when returning it. If it’s their own car, they’ll have to clean it themselves or pay someone else to do it. My guess is that new brides and grooms have better things to do and better things on which to spend their money.

Me? I hate this silly tradition. Still, I know that it’s all in good fun and that many newlyweds (and their wedding attendants) view decorating the getaway car as an integral part of the wedding day. What say you?