Dress Up Your Wedding Dessert

A while back – can you tell I’ve been a bit behind with everything? – Dress My Cupcake sent me some of their colorful cupcake wrappers to check out. Before I got the samples, cupcake wrappers were already on my radar – cupcakes are still a pretty popular wedding cake alternative, but those crinkly paper cups don’t have much going for them.

In fact, I checked out some DIY cupcake wrapper templates last year thinking I’d use them for La Paloma’s birthday cupcakes. But it turns out that regular old computer paper makes for a pretty lousy cupcake wrapper.

What’s nice about the cupcake wrappers from Dress My Cupcake is that they’re more substantial that anything I’d made at home on the cheap – and there are textured wrappers, too, which I definitely couldn’t have made myself. At least not without a bunch of glue and buttons and things. There are a ton of colors and themes, so there’s bound to be cupcake wrappers that match your wedding colors.

Cupcake wrappers from Dress My Cupcake cost about $1 per for the basics, and then there are fancier options. Dress My Cupcake also carried a bunch of cupcake accessories, like cupcake favor boxes and cupcake display stands.

Aren’t they pretty?

I’m disappointed to say that while I tried to make photo-worthy cupcakes to wrap in my sample cupcake wrappers, I failed miserably. Sure, my cupcakes were delish, but they were ugly and not worth wrapping. Hence the stock photos.

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