Jam Wedding Favors – DIY It or Don’t

Brides-to-be with a knack for canning can default to an easy DIY wedding favor in the form of homemade jam in cute wee jars. But just because you’re not particularly handy in the kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have jam wedding favors – there are plenty of personalized jam wedding favors on Etsy and elsewhere, in addition to the less expensive non-personalized mini jams. Check out how pretty they can be:

Whether you DIY your jam wedding favors – champagne jam seems like a good choice – or get them in bulk from a factory production line, customized labels are the in thing. Popular slogans include ‘spread the love’ and ‘jam packed with love’, but I think putting your own twist on jam labels will make your favors more memorable.

3 Responses to “Jam Wedding Favors – DIY It or Don’t”

  1. YUMMY! Love the stationery and the accessories!

  2. Stationery? As in the tags and labels?

  3. Carolina says:

    Creative! We love DIY favors!