Why Not Upset the Apple Cart?

Mention an apple themed bridal shower or wedding, and the minds of those listening will likely conjure up images of shiny red apples, perhaps as part of a larger fall motif. Autumn is, of course, a wonderful time to feature apples in one’s wedding decor. Here in New England, apple picking season is in full swing, so one could conceivably choose all of the apples in the reception decor oneself. However, my own preference is for tart green skinned apples, which to me are much more evocative of springtime or even early summer rather than fall.

To that I say “So what?” There’s no rule stating that an autumn themed wedding must be held in November or that a wedding featuring a wintertime palette can’t be scheduled for the middle of July. A green apple themed wedding (or bridal shower) is bright and cheerful no matter what the time of year. Here are some images meant to inspire those who like me love green apples, though one could substitute almost any fruits.

green apple cupcakes

First, there’s the shower. Basic fondant apples like these from Sweet Thing are easy to craft since they’re nothing but a sphere with a bit of a butt on the bottom and a bit of chocolate string licorice stuck on top. This sort of thing is great for the DIY MOH.

Green apple wedding reception accessories

To drink some sort of green apple flavored cocktail, perhaps? Maybe a Poison Granny Smith? And then for guests to take home there are favors all wrapped up in tulle with pretty printed apple labels from Graham-Caswell Design. (Yes, I know those say ‘baby shower,” but they’re customizable.)

green apple wedding invitations

As you get closer to the big day, think about green apple wedding invitations or just plain apple invitations, like these from Oh So Suite. Apple invites will let your guests know that your wedding will be fun and natural and maybe even a touch rustic if that’s what you’re going for.

green apple tie

You can even integrate a green apple theme into the menswear, as this tie from Me and Matilda demonstrates. In this case, for the bridesmaids, match their dress colors to the two greens in the tie.

green apple reception tale

Green apples can be place card holders — in this case, they’ve been stabbed by what look like plain kitchen skewers. When attaching name cards, this kid-fashioned sailboat sails.

apple reception table

Here they play a starring role in the reception table centerpieces when combined with delicate orange roses and large flat leaves. For a budget friendly DIY option, simply fill tall glass vases with fresh apples. Adding water and topping the whole thing with flowers and greenery is optional.

green apple centerpieces

Not a fan of orange? Try pink and red as shown here, or brighten things up even further with stark whites or happy yellows. A ribbon wrapped around the bottom of your vase works to tie it all together in a harmonious way.

green apple cookies

Green apple wedding favors are very easy to find, from candles shaped like the fruit to favor boxes featuring stylized apples that can be filled with anything you like. But as I’m a fan of edible favors, I’m partial to these cute cookies from Sweetopia. Yum!

green apple martini

When it comes to reception refreshments, apples can be cooked into a variety of savory dishes or included in fresh salads. And the drinks… there’s that new classic, the apple martini. If you love green apples, however, search the online cocktail recipe sites for more novel ways to serve them.

green apple wedding cake

But the sweetness doesn’t stop there. Apples can play a part inside your wedding cake in the form of an apple spice cake or apple filling. Or they can simply play a decorative role when applied in between wedding cake tiers or under the display plate, as in the case of this confection.

5 Responses to “Why Not Upset the Apple Cart?”

  1. JRM says:

    Oh, my god, I love this. The hubs and I have a trend of doing apple-themed dinners this time of year…and that would totally translate so amazingly well for this! Apples are very under-rated, in my opinion – they’re much more versatile than people give them credit for. And the green color is just fabulous – although I think I might just go for all different colors of apples, myself! (I love Rome apples because when they’re really ripe, the skin color bleeds into the apple itself.)

  2. kt says:

    I love this! I am so partial to green apples anyway. The green and pink of that cake goes together amazingly!

  3. Twistie says:

    Also, this is great if you’re having a Beatles themed wedding or party. It looks just like the labels on their albums…after they started Apple Corps.

    Fresh, fun, and utterly charming…Beatles or no Beatles.

  4. ashley says:

    What a juicy post! 😀

    Seriously – so beautiful, and what great ideas for a different sort of fall wedding. Autumn colors are pretty, but this is a great alternative. Besides, apples are incredibly versatile (not to mention inexpensive).

  5. Thanks for adding the picture of my green apple cupcakes. All the pictures in your blog posts are gorgeous!