Counting Flowers On the Wall

Wedding flowers don’t have to be confined to vases on tables or pulled apart for petals when it comes to decor. Hanging flower monograms (or single initials) are a chic choice that does double duty as both decorative accents and a means of personalizing a reception venue.

floral initial

This example of a basic floral initial from Events In Bloom was crafted using real flowers and, according to the creator’s Twitter feed, was taxing and rather tiresome to assemble.

flower monogram

This floral monogram from Felicity Flowers looks like it might be the same sort of flower as the one above, just in a different color. (Can any of our flowerphile readers identify them?)

flower initials

But don’t feel obligated to stick to true blooms, especially if you’d like to retain your initials as a wedding keepsake. These faux floral initials (photographed by Ashleigh Taylor Photography) were put together by a DIY bride with beautiful results. She used wooden letters and silk carnations, plus a little ribbon for hanging.

You can follow her lead and craft lovely a lovely floral monogram for your own wedding decor using the DIY instructions at Bridal Bud.

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  1. I love that song. Can those guys harmonize or what?

  2. ashleigh says:

    thanks for this feature!!! 🙂