Paper Flower Bridal Bouquets, Four Ways

Can I just say that in some games of wedding this-or-that, I have no opinion other than SQUEEILOVETHEMBOTH. So it is in the case of traditional bridal bouquets and alternative bridal bouquets. I just happened to have faux flower bouquets at my own wedding, but I would have been equally happy with, say, feather bouquets and
origami bridal bouquets.

And why not? Pretty much all the alternative bridal bouquets, from flowers made of ceramics to crystal and wire to seashells (for real), are just as heavy as flowers (sometimes heavier) and still somewhat delicate. Plus, they’re awesome. Right now I am salivating over all of the beautiful paper flower bouquets out there.

Aren’t they sweet? A paper bridal bouquet can look as much like or as little like the real thing as you want. I have a soft spot in my heart for the paper flowers made of old book pages from Danamazing’s Paper Flowers, maybe because I’m just a book addict. But the others are lovely, too: A spooky, crisp paper bouquet from My Bohemian Summer, a stylized origami bouquet from 3D Cranes, and a pretty, girly paper flower bouquet from Desicra.

P.S. – I keep reading lately about carnations making a comeback, so I just wanted to toot my own horn and say that I wrote about the new wedding carnations almost a year ago. Ha!

3 Responses to “Paper Flower Bridal Bouquets, Four Ways”

  1. Nati says:

    I know that all of us love flowers and we want lots of beautiful blooms around us at our wedding but there are many reasons for having paper flower bouquets. First thing is that they are unique, it’s something different from all of the same fresh flowers whose shining will only last until the last of your guest have gone. Another thing is that you can use them as centerpieces. Your guests can take them home as favor. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to just decorate a room or use it as a bridal bouquet only for one night.

  2. blossom says:

    I love it! They are all beautiful.

  3. @Nati You brought up one of my main peeves when it comes to wedding flowers – they’re so fleeting. Sure, you can preserve your bouquet, but what about all of the beautiful centerpieces and arrangements? I love the idea of using some alternative to flowers – could be paper flowers or something else – and having your decorations double as wedding favors.