Nuptials in the nude

Here’s a tip for you… never do a Google image search for “naked weddings.” At least, don’t do it in your office, because your boss may not be so keen on some of the results you get. In the past, I’ve talked about nearly-naked weddings and nudity in bridal gown adverts, but I never got around to nude nuptials. Until now, that is.

The problem with naked weddings is that the people having them aren’t exactly flashing the photos for all to see. Too often, an image search will net you pornography rather than plain ol’ nudity. Thankfully, photographers like Declan McCullagh are out there in the field capturing these precious moments for those of us who are curious, but not that curious.


Where better to find naked nuptial pics than at Burning Man, where nudity abounds. This photo shows “a naked couple, who said they have nothing to hide, get married in the Conexus Cathedral” at last year’s no-holds-barred Black Rock City extravaganza. Good for them, I say. But I’m still glad I covered the majority of my parts on my wedding day, because I do have something to hide… my lumps.

My only advice to those planning naked weddings is this:

Be sure your guests know what to expect!

9 Responses to “Nuptials in the nude”

  1. As a wedding planner in Maui, I have had couples ask me for nude wedding services before! It’s too much for my conservative inclinations, but there seems to be a very real market for it!

  2. Libby says:

    Wow, nude weddings, not sure I’d like my mother/future in-laws to see me or my husband let it all hang out. I just found some more traditional wedding pics for my bosses story on wedding photograpy. Check it out at

  3. Leslie says:

    Warn the wedding planner too!

  4. Never teh Bride says:

    Good point, Leslie!

  5. Why is there a black line across her butt? Of all the things they could have blocked, her butt is probably the last thing (in a nude photo) that would offend anyone. Is there identifying information on her butt — perhaps a serial number — that she does not want in the general public? If so, I would think covering the groom’s face would be a far better way to disguise their identities, although I suspect people who get married nekkid are not too concerned about who knows it or sees it.

  6. Ninjarina says:

    LoL, Burning Man weddings.

    That is probably the LAST place you want to be nude. You know how people use the term “sand in your vagina?” I bet it originated there. My bf said he didn’t have to wash his hair when he went b/c there was so much dust everywhere that it would just keep it not oily.

    Also, with all the drugs being done at Burning Man, who thought it would be a good idea to stick a shotgun chapel there?

  7. Never teh Bride says:

    You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their butt, class-factotum. Which is precisely why I never want to see any of my friends’ butts.

  8. What people learn from my nekkid butt is that I don’t do enough squats and lunges.