Betsey Johnson Has Officially Lost Her Mind

Oh, I always knew Betsey Johnson was off her rocker. Shoes with earrings? Come on! But while I can almost imagine a situation in which one might choose to wear a yellow prairie dress with a dropped hoop paired with a black bowler hat a la her Spring 2009 ready-to-wear collection, I simply cannot envision the bride who would opt for either of these.

If, however, either of the above frocks is your dream dress, I advise you to browse Amazon, where you can find a similar (if slightly more modest) piece of clothing for a mere $34.95.

Bridal slip

7 Responses to “Betsey Johnson Has Officially Lost Her Mind”

  1. Twistie says:

    Oh, my sainted aunt! What a thing to see before I have my first cup of java!

    BTW, NtB, have you ever seen the show Slings&Arrows? It takes place in a Canadian Shakespeare festival. These ‘gowns’ remind me strongly of a bit in the second season when the world’s most pretentious director (one Darren Nichols) is directing Romeo and Juliet. He puts the actors in these bizarre cages and sticks chess pieces on their heads.

    And that’s what these remind me of.

    If you haven’t seen the horror, check it out here:

    Due to language, I wouldn’t consider this work safe. Well, that and the inappropriate snorting it might cause.

  2. blablover5 says:

    It looks to me like she forgot the rest of the dress and just decided to hell with it just send out the shaping garments.

  3. Evie says:

    I must admit that I kind of love Betsey for her kookiness and her show sounds completely hysterical. That being said, I doubt I would wear even the most conservative of her creations to anything other than a costume party.

  4. A little bit too much.
    Nice dress but not easy to wear in church.

  5. Twistie: I have not seen it, but it is now in my queue of things to watch later today!

    blablover5: It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen undergarments masquerading as clothing on the runway.

    Evie: But they would be GREAT for a costume party, I’ll freely admit.

  6. cakegrl says:

    When I first saw the post title I thought “oh say it isn’t so”, I love me some Betsey Johnson, have even done a cake or two inspired by her fashions…but I’m going to have to agree on this one! Hey like Never the Bride comments – would be great for a costume party…maybe add a little zombie-esque make up…just sayin’.

  7. candice says:

    it’s art…don’t hate.
    most high fashion isn’t socially acceptable, but i bet there are babes out there who can put some cute petticoats underneath, do up their hair all pretty, and strut their stuff down the aisle like it IS a runway.
    plus, the amazon version looks trashy as hell.
    it’s like comparing gaga and ke$ha. yuk.