Carrie For a Day

Remember when stills of a possible SATC wedding gown were released in anticipating of the SATC movie? What I remember is how terrible Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw) looked in that Vivienne Westwood creation… No offense to the sassy Miz P, who’s lovely, of course. It’s simply that pulling off a wedding gown with prominent bosom cups requires that one has an actual bosom. She did not, leading to cups that were definitely half empty.

Carrie Bradshaw

That said, I am a fan of the gown itself, which boasts exaggerated lines and sculptural details likely too extreme for many. And I’m not alone. Its popularity may have inspired Westwood, who now makes custom versions of this wedding gown available for $15,000+. Is it worth it? Well, plenty of wedding gowns sell for around $15,000, so it really is up to individual brides to decide if they’d like to be Carrie for a day. Do note, however, that if you’re planning to order this gown from the Westwood boutique in London, you need to do so at least six months in advance.

A shorter reproduction of the original gown costing $9,875 sold out on, but may become available again in the future.

8 Responses to “Carrie For a Day”

  1. mkb says:

    Well it’s good that the fashion industry isn’t SO out of wack that a gown first made public 18 months ago is expected to still be fashionable enough to be worth $15K six months after ordering.

  2. Pencils says:

    mkb–wedding gown styles last for years. Usually a designer keeps the last three or so years of spring and fall collections available for order, and most have a “classics” line of dresses that are popular from even older collections.

    And regarding that photo–the problem isn’t just the half-filled cups, it’s that she looks like a cross between Miss Havisham and Little Edie from Grey Gardens. Old, bony & a bit crazy in a creased, crumpled gown that no longer fits her properly.

  3. Wow. It’s not my place to tell other people how to spend their money, but I’d sure rather have a down payment on a house or a funded Roth IRA than a $15,000 wedding dress.

    But that’s just me.

  4. Melissa B. says:

    What was so weird about the movie (OK, one of the things) was how over the moon all of the characters seemed about Carrie in that dress! I was baffled at the film’s insistence that this was the perfect dress for Carrie and that it was magical and stunning and she looked beautiful in it. I think that dress requires a tall, curvy woman to really pull it off — Brooke Shields, say. But if they were going to insist on that dress, they could have a) fitted it properly and b) gotten someone to steam the darn thing.

  5. kate says:

    maybe it’s just my own aesthetic sensibilities, but does anyone else just want to go get SJP a sandwich?

  6. Kate, she does have that lean and hungry look, but maybe it’s just the lighting.

  7. La Petite Acadienne says:

    SPOILER ALERT (in case you’re one of the three people who haven’t yet seen the movie). She looked much nicer in her simple white suit and blue Manolos at the end of the movie. But I suppose that was kind of the point they were making — she wasn’t wearing the dress, the dress was wearing HER, and it was symbolic of that entire section of the movie.

  8. Melissa B. says:

    La Petite Acadienne, I had the same thought about the symbolism. If that’s what they were going for, they nailed it, 100%. But while I enjoyed the movie a lot, I wasn’t convinced it was thoughtful enough to pull off something that subtle. Also, there have been so many non-ironic, non-symbolic fashion disasters on the show, it’s hard to know whether this particular fashion disaster was meant to be one or if that crazy lady who does the SATC costumes really thought this looked awesome on SJP.