A Mature, Elegant Palette

Much like the gray and yellow wedding palette, the red and gray wedding palette is sophisticated and elegant. But the red (unlike the yellow) adds something of a maturity. I’d choose gray and yellow for an afternoon wedding, especially one taking place out of doors, while I’d choose red and gray for an evening wedding, one that might be a little more upscale.

I like this color combo more than I like red and black, because red and black can be a little jarring if too much is used alongside white. The gray tones the whole thing down a bit without sacrificing any of the visual interest or drama. Particularly if you’ve chosen a deeper shade of gray.

red and gray wedding invitations

These beautiful red and gray wedding invitations from Peculiar Pair Press were inspired by the copper facade of the new DeYoung museum in San Francisco, which is where (I think) the reception might have been taking place. It’s a creative idea — if you’re having custom invitations designed, why not incorporate some element of your wedding venue into the final product?

gray bridesmaids dress

The easiest way to coordinate your bridesmaids would involve nothing more than pairing gray dresses with bouquets made of deep red roses. The more difficult route? Deep red bridesmaids’ dresses and, um, gray flowers? Or how about having your bridesmaids carry gray candles or tin lanterns instead?

gray and red wedding cake

You don’t have to go overboard with the red or the gray when it comes to your wedding cake… unless you really want to, of course. A few red flowers perched on each tier of a white wedding cake with simple gray embellishments will harmonize with your red and gray wedding color scheme without stealing the show until it’s time to cut the cake.

red and gray bridal bouquet

So what if you can’t carry fresh gray flowers? The quirky bride who loves red and gray will get a kick out of button bouquets from jamball. Some guests may do a double-take when you walk down the aisle, but you can’t beat a bouquet that will last forever and stay cute. Jamball uses vintage buttons and brooches (sourced themselves or by you) to make button bouquets to the bride’s exact specs.

red and gray groomsmenred and gray groomsmen 2

A single gerbera daisy or a cluster of red hypericum berries translate into dashing boutonnieres for the groomsmen and the ring bearer when worn against a gray suit… the red tie is optional. You could also use these same flowers if you’re planning on giving your treasured lady relatives corsages to wear during the ceremony. (via)

red and gray reception

Gray and red food? Hmmm. Thinking about sticking with candy and drinks that complement your color scheme, like these red izze sodas paired with chic gray straws displayed on the refreshments table at the reception. (via)

red and gray wedding website

Finally, while you’re picking out your wedding favors and shopping for your bridal gown, don’t forget to whip up a free wedding web site. Your use of the red and gray color scheme will give your wedding guests a taste of what to expect when they walk into your ceremony and reception.

6 Responses to “A Mature, Elegant Palette”

  1. Twistie says:

    Hee! I inadvertently wound up with a lot of red and grey touches at my wedding. I chose to make my wedding lace in silver grey so I wouldn’t have the headache of trying to match the white of the thread when it came time to pick the fabric for my gown, and then of course I wore my mother’s Dress MacDonald arisade, which has a lot of red in it, and my scarlet dancing ghillies. Then the invitations I fell in love with had red borders, and I used red roses in the decorations.

    They weren’t the only colors going on, but red and grey looked pretty great to me.

  2. Every time you give us these teasers, Twistie, I’m thinking “Pics or it didn’t happen!” 😉 I wanna seeeeee!

  3. Pencils says:

    On my monitor, those look almost orange and gray, which I think would be a great color combination for a fall wedding, if it’s a sophisticated pumpkin or burnt orange shade. Or maybe a sophisticated orange and navy scheme. I like navy, OK? 😉 (My wedding colors were ivory, yellow and navy.)

  4. Pencils says:

    Sorry, I meant the invitations look almost orange and gray, not the other photos. BTW, those Izze fruit drinks are great for parties, I had the grapefruit and clementine ones at my daughter’s first birthday party, which had a pink, yellow & orange color theme.

  5. Thanks for the idea, Pencils! Paloma’s first birthday will be some time in February of next year, but it’s never too early to start thinking about a color scheme. And refreshments!

  6. Pencils says:

    NtB–Paloma is a very pretty name! Have fun planning her party, the first birthday is a special one. I will never forget the intense concentration with which Aurora demolished her very first chocolate cupcake. And make sure that Paloma’s birthday dress is either washable, or something you don’t plan for her ever to wear again. 😉